The food industry, beauty industry and health industry want to keep you dependent, misinformed and unhealthy.

Socially we are conditioned not to question or even imagine differently than the standards in play. This is actually the key to a healthy, balanced life.

I believe you are the answer to all of your questions. Everything you need- you already are. With your permission, I’ll help you break through all of your ceilings and align with your goals. I provide Safe, Compassionate, Accountability-Based Coaching that is tailored to your lifestyle and targets your goals through counseling, fitness, meditation, education and the use of herbal teas, juices, oils and plant-based foods. All I require is that you are Honest and committed to your Growth.

TaylorMade Coaching is dedicated to providing clients with individually tailored Holistic Wellness Coaching plans and miscellaneous services including but not limited to:

  • Personalized Plant-based/Vegan meal planning
  • Plant-Based Vegan Meals: provided upon request and availability,Subject to the provided options and must be picked up.
  • Herbal tea ( client-specialized  TaylorMade tea blends) & further herbal recommendations targeting: insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, anxiety, libido/hormonal imbalance, arthritis, hair/skin/nail growth, vaginal health, etc.
  • Aroma-therapeutic education/plans and personalized incense bundles
  • Fitness Recommendations
  • Accompanied grocery shopping  education trips
  • In-home plant-based meal preparation visits
  • Counseling/ Advising
  • Guided Meditations
  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Goal Planning
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Check-In Sessions (Over the phone/In Person/via FaceTime)


Tier 1 Coaching

  • 1 Accompanied Grocery Shopping Education Trip or In-Home Cooking Session
  • Herbal tea(1 monthly client-specialized TaylorMade Tea) & furth herbal recommendations
  • Monthly Goal Planning
  • Counseling/Advising

    Tier 1 Coaching

    A Basic, Personalized combination of Naturally Holistic services and goods tailored for Your growth.


Tier 2 Coaching 

  • Personalized Plant-based/Vegan meal plan
  • Herbal tea ( client-specialized  TaylorMade tea) & further herbal recommendations
  • Aroma-therapeutic education/plans and 1 personalized incense bundle
  • Fitness Recommendations
  • 1 Accompanied Grocery Shopping Education/Coaching Trip
  • 1 In-home plant-based meal preparation visit
  • Counseling/ Advising
  • Guided Meditations
  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Goal Planning

Tier 2 Coaching

A personalized Coaching Package Tailored for Your Growth using Holistic Services, Foods and Products.


Individual Services


7 Day Herbal Tea Supply

A 7 Day supply (10 tsp) of a personalized herbal blend.


2 Week Herbal Tea Supply

2 Weeks (20 tsp) of a Personalized Herbal Tea blend.


1 Months Herbal Tea Supply

A 1 Month Supply (40 tsp) of a personalized Herbal Tea blend.


In-Home Plant-Based Cooking Education

Meal of your choice- depends on location. Together we’ll prepare delicious vegan meals that will leave Your taste buds eager and body nourished. No itis over here! (no travel fee for DC, Maryland and Virginia will require a travel fee)$35/hour

Accompanied Grocery Shopping Education

-depends on location. Learn how to read labels, shop for vegan/plant-based meals, avoid GMO/non-organic/bpa products, and stay motivated and focused.(no travel fee for DC, Maryland and Virginia require a travel fee)$30/hour $25/hour FaceTime/Skype

Vegan/Plant-Based Meals/Catering 

prices vary, please inquire


Stop medicating your emotions.

Stop overeating.

Start Living.

Let’s identify, evaluate & manage new, delicious food that encourages healthy weight.

Let’s nurture and achieve our goals.

Let’s treat self better.

Let’s find your balance.

Which service speaks most to your needs:

“If you prepare for the fall it is less likely to ruin you when it happens” – Robert Greene