Stoners and Plants- The Brunch Party!

With Cannabis legalized and Veganism on the rise, there aren’t a lot of Vegan Events in D.C. that fuse both cultures. Join Me July 14th from 2-4pm for an All You can Eat/Drink Vegan Cannabis Brunch! 5 Vegan Entrees will be available with Nut-Free options as well as Unlimited Mimosas and Party Favors on site. To find more info/ get tickets click the link below. … Continue reading Stoners and Plants- The Brunch Party!

New Year or New Fears?

“Let every man’s hope be in Himself” -Virgil   I struggled in 2018. Struggle: to make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction. I quit/resigned/was fired from 4 different jobs in 2018. As I forced a dance with them – we struggled. Bouncing from environment to environment in search of some comfort proved meaningless. Comfort had to come from within. What … Continue reading New Year or New Fears?

Plan to Fail

Nah, really. It’s time for me to make some steps. Easy to blame somebody else. Not this time…. not this time… not this time..- Erykah Badu Plan it out. First. Get accustomed with the route to failure. What are those habits. We aren’t getting mad about it. Just visiting them. Just…. observing. …Studying. Now plan to Win based upon not necessarily the opposites of the … Continue reading Plan to Fail

“Ice Cream Can’t give You Herpes”

“I have a lot of single women friends who’ve given up on men and turned to food.” “Food and You” by Jean L. Fourcroy is Hip. Turning to food doesn’t solve your problems. It creates more. It adds to your weight and the work. By avoiding the problem and enabling mental, physical, and emotional anticipation, you encourage an addiction. Your brain is busy as hell … Continue reading “Ice Cream Can’t give You Herpes”

The Cookout

D.C. Summertime. Where are the cookouts! ……. I got you. Vegan Style! I’ve teamed up with Kendra Hazel of DC Plant-Based Catering Company Green Things Work and the historical Sankofa Video Books & Cafe by Howard University and we want to put good plants in your mouth! With patience, discipline, and creativity Kendra Hazel of Green Things Works adapted to the holistic lifestyle over three … Continue reading The Cookout

Spill the Damn Beans

Mannn, Beans are relatively one of the most inexpensive Superfoods you can eat – organic, non-gmo, non-bpa lining, low-sodium, no preservatives or not- but preferably so babe. There are 40,000 different genes of beans. Bruh. God loves You. These lil guys pack- on average – 15 to 17 grams of protein per cooked cup, with soybeans (I will touch on this controversial bean), finessing in … Continue reading Spill the Damn Beans